Spark'd Online Directory


What Makes our Directory Unique? 

 Why advertise in an online directory? 


Online Directories offer a great advertising opportunity for local businesses. 


Online directories are an excellent way of targeting newcomers to your community and those looking for specific products or services. 


Existing community members are often overlooked by advertisers who mistakenly assume that people who have lived in an area for a long time know all about their business and what they have to offer.


In reality, many community members are unaware of all the services available in their area.  

By advertising your business in an online service directory, you make it easy and convenient for people to find your product or services when they need them. 




How is advertising in our Spark'd Directory different from other online directory opportunities? 


The vision behind the Spark'd Online Directory is to create a unique and comprehensive spin on standard online directory advertising.


Often times, online directories  list your business name and phone number without providing any further details on what your business has to offer.


Recognizing that people are busy and want to get answers right away, our design team works with our members to create an eye catching ad that summarizes who you are and what you do.

Our custom ads allow your potential clients to determine right away whether your business appeals to their particular need.


For added benefit, our ads conveniently direct clients to your Website, Social Media Account, Email, or Phone where they can find out more about securing your product or services. 

As a Spark'd Member, a custom directory ad is included with your yearly Spark'd Membership.   


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